Please let us know how we're doing!
It is so important to us to deliver the best possible programming.  As we plan for the Fall season we would like to add more of the classes you enjoy. Please take a few minutes to let us know how we're doing and what you would like to see added to our offerings! It is our passion and mission to build a beautiful community full of happy, healthy and strong women and men of all ages.

Are you currently a Purenergy client?


What type of client are you?. 

Class Pack Client
Monthly Membership Client
Daily Drop-ins

How often do you come in?

5-7 times a week
3-5 times a week
2-3 times a week
1 time a week
2 times a month
1 time a month

Do you feel we offer enough classes?


If No, when would you like to see more classes?

Early AM (6am - 8am)
Mornings (9am - 11am)
Mid-Day (12pm-1:30pm)
Early afternoons (4pm-6pm)
Evenings (6pm - 8pm)
Weekend Mornings
Weekend afternoons
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Would you be interested noon classes? 

What type of classes would you like to see more of?
Beginner/Gentle Yoga
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Strength Based Classes - TRX/Kettlebell/Body Weight Classes
Barre Classes
Spinning Classes
Rowing and/or Treadmill Classes
Mindfulness and Meditation Classes
Fusion Classes
Boxing/Self Defense Classes
Teen Classes
Bootcamp Classes
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What type of classes are missing from our schedule? 


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Please let us know how we're doing?

 Horrible Not so Good Average Pretty Good Awesome 
The Quality of Instruction
Client Safety in Each Class
Quality of our Customer Service
Cleanliness of the Studio and Equipment
Hours of Operation
Variety and Selection of Classes
Friendliness of our Staff
Communication : Facebook, Emails, In-house flyers, Website
Ease of Scheduling your Classes Online
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Name a few instructors you'd like to see more of?


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Are you interested in a Nutrition Program?


What can we do to improve?


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Thank you in advance for completing this survey.  You will be entered to WIN a 6 Month Unlimited Membership.  The winner will be announced September 1st.

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