Denver Public Schools CareerConnect Advisory Board Interest Form

Thank you for you interest in serving on a DPS CareerConnect Advisory Board! As an advisory board member, you will help DPS CareerConnect educators create innovative curriculum that presents students with real-world, hand-on projects.  You will also have the opportunity to serve as an ongoing resource to teachers and students at one DPS CareerConnect program in a Denver-area high school. 

Our advisory boards meet for twice-annual industry summits.  The fall summits are tentatively scheduled to be held at the Mile HIgh United Way (711 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205)  in the PCL room from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the following dates:

MakerConnect: October 1 
TechConnect: October 6
EngineeringConnect: October 13
BusinessConnect: October 19
CreativeConnect: October 20
MedConnect: October 26

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Which industry summit does your work most align with?
BusinessConnect: Marketing, Finance, Management
CreativeConnect: Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Theater
EngineeringConnect: Energy, Engineering, Drafting
MakerConnect: Advanced Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, Construction
MedConnect: Biomedicine, Healthcare, Sports Med
TechConnect: Coding, IT, Software Development
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Have you served on a school-based or CTE advisory board before, or did you attend a CTE summit at DPS last year? If so, please describe.


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Why would you like to serve on a DPS CareerConnect advisory board?

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Tell us a bit about your professional background.  What are your areas of subject matter expertise within your industry?

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Are you available on the date of the first summit for which you are applying?  


Thank you for applying! We are excited to connect you with a great DPS CareerConnect program and look forward to meeting you in person.  We will respond to your application within one week.