Tell us your #InvisibleStory
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What hurdles are or have prevented you from expressing your identity?
This #GivingTuesday we want to shine a public light on the hurdles, struggles, and resulting anxieties people feel or have felt in the closet, while stealth, being in under-resourced areas,  or while still questioning their gender, sexuality, or other expression. 
Help us show organizations and the public that these trials faced alone have dire effects on the health and well being of the LGBT+ community!

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Tell us a brief story (< 350 characters) about an experience, hurdle, anxiety, or issue you face or have faced alone and how it has affected or prevented you from expressing your identity in an "out" manner. 

One woman's story:  I'm out as a lesbian, but not as a transgender woman and have had bad experiences dating other women. The second I come out they tend to break up with me, so now I'm closeted to my partner and scared because I don't know how to tell her.  I don't want to lose her so I can't express my trans* status.

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We plan to share the stories of invisible community members and those who tell us a story anonymously over our social media platforms (ello, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram).  Which hashtag is most applicable to you? 
#IAmInvisible (if your story is present tense)
#IWasInvisible (If your story is past tense and your situation changed)
#MyInvisibleStory (just in general or other)
#InvisibleAlly (for allies who cannot outwardly show their support)
If you like, please provide in depth context for your story or add anything you weren't able to boil down into 350 words :) What do you need to get over your hurdle? how can someone help?  

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