Pathways to Aviation - 2015 Community Survey
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The recent history of the Reno Air Racing Foundation, doing business as Pathways to Aviation, has been extremely active. Whether it's designing an aviation related curriculum for the local school district, increasing the educational footprint at the Reno Air Races, expanding the annual spring Speakers' Forum, or creating a "hangar" collaboration of associated aerospace non-profit organizations, the Foundation has been very busy.

On the heels of the recent Reno Air Races, we're conducting an analysis of the Foundation by reviewing its mission and addressing its vision. We've started by surveying Foundation trustees and field trip teachers. We now turn to our friends, donors, and the greater community for input.

The Foundation is designing its next phase of aviation excellence. With your input, we'll incorporate your viewpoint, ideas, and involvement into an exciting strategic plan.

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts and feedback for this very exciting community assessment. Please note the responses are anonymous, unless shared by you, and held confidential.
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Please identify how you're connected to the Foundation.  (select all that apply) 

I've attended a Foundation event
I've volunteered for the Foundation
I've served on the Foundation's board
I've made a donation to the Foundation
I've followed the Foundation on social media
I'm a vendor of the Foundation
I've received an award or scholarship
I don't have any connection to the Foundation
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Please identify the following events, coordinated or sponsored by the Foundation, which you attended in the past 12 months.    (select all that apply) 

Aviation Learning Center at National Championship Air Races
Speakers' Forum (April 2015)
EAA Young Eagles First Flight Day
Did not attend any events
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Mission Statement -
The Foundation's purpose is to encourage and support young men and women to pursue studies and careers in aviation, aerospace and aeronautics; to perpetuate the memory and spirit of aircraft, general aviation and air racing and their places in history; and, to promote and establish relationships with organizations that share and support our common purpose.

Please rate your belief in the following statements, based on the mission statement provided. 
 No Partially Mostly Absolutely  
The Foundation is fulfilling its mission  
The mission statement is clear  
I like the way the mission statement reads  

What do you feel are the three outstanding strengths of the Foundation.  


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Please describe ways the Foundation can improve. 


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If you were in charge of the Foundation, what goals would you set for the next three-year period? 


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As the Foundation moves forward with a fresh strategic vision, how would you like to be involved?    (select all that apply) 

Volunteer my time
Serve on the board of trustees
Make a contribution
Attend an event
Promote through social media
I don't wish to be involved

Please use this space to share whatever you'd like the Foundation to address. 


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