Maine Women's Fund Letter of Interest Application
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This survey, as your Letter of Interest, is due no later than Friday, November 20, by 5 pm. EST. Late submissions will not be accepted.  


Please contact Kimberly Crichton, Grants Coordinator at 441-4710 or with any questions about the application or guidelines.

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Organization Name: 


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Select your organization's status: 

501 (c) (3)
Has a Fiscal Sponsor
Federally Recognized Tribal Organization

If your organization has a fiscal sponsor, provide the name, title, and email address of the Executive Director of your fiscal sponsor. 


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Proposal Contact Name:


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Proposal Title: 


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Proposal Description (350 characters maximum)


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Select the geographic area(s) reached by proposal: 

Androscoggin County
Aroostook County
Cumberland County
Franklin County
Hancock County
Kennebec County
Knox County
Lincoln County
Oxford County
Penobscot County
Piscataquis County
Sagadahoc County
Somerset County
Waldo County
Washington County
York County
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Gender/gender identity of people directly reached by this proposal: 


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Race and/or ethnicity of people directly reached by this proposal: 


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Select the age(s) of the population(s) that will be directly reached by this proposal: 

Age: 17 and under
Age: 18-34
Age: 35-64
Age: 65+
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Number of people directly reached by this proposal:

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Proposal best addresses the following funding area: 
Education: Programs that offer education and training which build confidence, self-reliance, independence, and safety.
Financial Skills & Literacy: Programs that increase the financial skills, opportunities and/or literacy of individuals or the 25%+ of Maine's businesses that are woman-owned.
Healthcare: Programs that provide access to and/or improve the quality of healthcare for women and girls.
Leadership: Programs that develop and sustain a critical mass of diverse women leaders capable of driving change by supporting self-empowerment and actively building inclusiveness that encompasses, but is not limited to, race and socioeconomic class.
Personal Safety: Programs that ensure freedom from and care for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other issues that threaten personal safety.
Policy: Programs that identify gender-based disparities and implement the policies to correct them.
Required 20.

Proposal addresses the following indicators of Social Change: 

Shifts in definition or reframing of issues: The issue is defined. For example, "going green" becomes a mainstream definition as the result of environmental awareness and action.
Shifts in individual or community behavior: People are behaving differently. For example, people recycle at greater rates and buy energy efficient appliances.
Shifts in engagement: People in the community or larger society are more engaged. For example, people attend talks and information sessions on environmental issues, and spread the information to their friends.
Shifts in policies: An institutional policy or practice has changed. For example, the local school district enacts a "no idling" policy for school buses.
Maintaining progress: Earlier progress has been maintained in the face of opposition. For example, an effort to reduce clean water standards is defeated, leaving existing standards in place.
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Total Amount Requested, up to $10,000: 


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General Operations or Project Request: 

General Operations
Project Request
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Total Organizational Budget (for general operations requests) or Total Project Budget (for project requests): 


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Has the organization applied for a grant to the Maine Women's Fund before? 

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Organizational history: 


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Proposal Summary:

   - What is/are the need(s)/issue(s) your proposal addresses?

   - What are the proposal goals and how do they advance social change and the economic security of women and girls in Maine?

   - How does the proposal fit within your organization's mission and what relevant experience does your organization have in addressing such issue(s)/need(s)?  

   - If there are leadership components to the proposal, please explain them using concrete examples and identifying any specific populations reached. 


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Proposal Summary continued:  


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Please Note: The Fund's eligibility policy has changed. Beginning with the LOI application to be released in the fall of 2016, organizations who have received three immediately consecutive years of funding from the Maine Women's Fund will not be eligible to apply for a fourth year of consecutive funding. After a one year break, those organizations will be eligible to re-apply to the Fund again.