Georgian Bay Hotel Survey
How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with us?
Highly dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat satisfied Highly satisfied       
Prior to your recent visit, had you stayed with us before?
Yes, 1 to 2 times before
Yes, 3 to 5 times before
Yes, 6 or more times before
No, this was my first time
Please rate the following attributes of your stay.
 Very poor Poor Neutral Good Excellent 
Making the reservation
Check-in experience
Check-out experience
Room cleanliness at check-in
Housekeeping service
Maintenance of grounds
Helpfulness of staff
Value received for price paid
How many nights did you stay with us during your last visit?
One night
Two nights
Three or more nights
If you were returning to the area, how likely would you be to stay with us again?
Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely       
How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely       

How did you hear about us? 

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