V Stanley Benfell Award
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Our Chairman, V. Stan Benfell, has had a long and
celebrated career in the insurance industry. In honor
of his many achievements, we proudly announce the
V. Stanley Benfell Award. 

Our goal is to recognize producers for their contributions to industry and community. We invite you to submit a nomination.

The criteria for the award are:
1.  The producer must be affiliated with Beacon Financial 
2.  The producer must be a consistent and loyal Beacon producer
3.  The producer must follow the Golden Rule in his/her sales practices
4.  The producer must make contributions to our industry
5.  The producer must make contributions to his/her community 

Before submitting a nomination, please give us your name and contact details.

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In your opinion, does/do your nominee(s) meet the criteria for the V. Stanley Benfell Award? 

Please cite examples of how your nominee(s) meets the award criteria. 

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Thank you for submitting your nomination. We appreciate you taking the time time to share your opinion with us. 

We will announce the award recipient by the end of the the year.