Monroe Wheelchair Customer Experience Survey
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Required 1.
Which Monroe Wheelchair branch or division did you mostly work with?  
Buffalo, NY Branch
Rochester, NY Branch
Syracuse, NY Branch
Albany, NY Branch
Monroe Speech Designs Division (Speech Generating Devices)
Monroe Access Designs Division (Lifts and Ramps)
Required 2.
We are committed to compassion, excellence, and integrity with the highest standard of customer service. In your customer experience how do we rate in the following areas?
 1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- No opinion 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree 
We were compassionate, respectful, and provided helpful answers.
We showed up looking sharp and professional.
We explained the process required to obtain your desired equipment.
We updated you through emails and/or phone calls during the process of obtaining your equipment.
We walked you through proper and safe usage of equipment.
We mentioned our Service Department and how to reach them if needed.
We created a better life for you or your family member.
Required 3.

Based on my overall customer experience with Monroe Wheelchair, I would recommend Monroe Wheelchair to a friend, family member or colleague?

1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- No Opinion 4- Agree 5- Strongly Agree       
Required 4.
How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with Monroe Wheelchair, or a division of Monroe Wheelchair (Monroe Access Designs or Monroe Speech Designs)? 
1- Very Dissatisfied 2- Dissatisfied 3- Neutral 4- Satisfied 5- Very Satisfied       
If you would like to make additional comments on your experience, or provide further details clarifying your responses above, please share here. 

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