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Hello and welcome to our volunteer application. We appreciate your interest in supporting local entrepreneurs. The following 10 questions will help us determine your volunteer readiness. Please note that all information is kept confidential. Thank you!
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Which of the following volunteer opportunities are you interested in? (For a more detailed description of the positions below, please click here


Business Plan Reviewer: During a 90 minute training session, mentors are taught how to review a business plan, and then paired with our graduating business planning student to review and discuss their plans. Review night happens 3 times/year.
Business Counselor: Qualified mentors are invited to join us for our bi-quarterly counseling nights, and mentor our business planning students in a one-on-one setting. Individual counseling nights happen 6 times/year.
Event Volunteer: Renaissance hosts various events throughout the year, and we're always looking for ambitious folks who would like to be part of our events. Tasks may include greeting and registering guests, ticketing, seating.
Outcome Tracking Specialist: We are seeking a skilled and creative Outcomes Tracker Volunteer to help us track the successes of new Renaissance entrepreneurs. Tasks include inputting data, tabulate and analyze evaluations & administer surveys.
Marketing Volunteer: Help us publicize our classes, workshops and events. Help us improve our marketing strategies to promote our organization. Connect with our clients, conduct interviews & write newsletters.
Volunteer Manager: Work with Renaissance staff to design, implement, and oversee an exemplary volunteer program. Initial design of the program will include driving the process of deciding for or against use of volunteer management software.
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At which Renaissance site are you interested in volunteering? (check one or more)


Bayview, SF
SoMa, SF
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Business Law
Business Management
Food Industry
Tax Preparation
Website Development
Public Relations/ Event Planning
Social Media
Business Plan Review
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Thank you for filling out our volunteer application. Based on your information we will contact you for future volunteer opportunities.