Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group Survey
The PACEC Report 'Benefits and Volume and Value of Country Sports Tourism in Scotland' was published in 2015 (a copy of the report can be viewed here).  Using the information gathered in the report the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG) is in the process of developing a Strategy for the Sector.
We would welcome the views of Sporting Providers, Agents and Accommodation Providers and would be grateful if you would answer the 12 questions below. 
Prior to receiving this survey were you aware of the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG)?

For more information on the SCSTG please visit .

Please rank the following in terms of importance to growing your business. 

(1 = Most Important)
Enhanced Support for Business to Business Collaboration
Improved Mobile/Internet Coverage/Speed
Development of additional air routes
Easier access to sport for new/potential customers
Better communication of what sports are available and when
Increased promotion via UK Fairs and Exhibitions
Increased promotion via International Fairs and Exhibitions
Improved training for staff
Improved market research and business intelligence
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How do you currently market Country Sports? (tick all that apply)
Own Web Site
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Printed Advertising
3rd Party Advertising eg SCSTG
Word of Mouth
Sporting Agent
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What percentage of your Country Sports business is reliant upon returning customers?
0 - 25%
26 - 50%
51 - 75%
76 - 100%
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Have you seen/heard of the publication 'Shoot in Scotland'?
Have you seen/heard of the publication 'Fish in Scotland'?
Are you a member of VisitScotland's 'Field Sports' or 'Anglers' Welcome Schemes?
We would particularly like your comments on the summary of the draft strategy outlined below.

Vision 'By 2020 Scotland will be a Country Sports tourism destination of first choice, known for a sustainable, high quality, uniquely Scottish experience delivered by skilled, knowledgeable and customer focussed people.

The 'Key Objectives' to achieve the Vision are outlined below. Can you please rank them in order of importance to your business.

The 'Guiding Principles' which underpin these objectives are detailed at Section 13 below.

The full Draft Strategy Document can be found here .

(1 = Most Important)
Adopt a consistent approach to the presentation and delivery of Scotland as the global destination of first choice for country sports.
Encourage a customer-focussed approach by gathering quality visitor data, sharing market intelligence & best practice from successful destinations as well as regularly sharing research findings with the industry in order to promote evidence-based decision
SCSTG will assist with the development and promotion of 'new products'.
Strengthen industry leadership/engagement at national level.
Increase visitor numbers, visitor spend and repeat visits by improving the quality of the overall "Scottish Experience".
Maximise the visitor impact by removing the barriers to growth and capitalising on the known scale of opportunity that exists within the country sports tourism sector to 2020.
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In the text box below please enter any other objectives that you would like to be considered for inclusion?

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Guiding Principles  

A number of guiding principles have been identified which will underpin these key objectives and help deliver the Strategy:-
  • foster a co-ordinated and industry-owned approach across Scotland 
  • continue to encourage a strong public sector/private sector partnership
  • improve Scotland's positioning in the global "hunting"  tourism market as the destination of choice for stalking/shooting & fishing
  • improve the home (UK) market's knowledge of the breadth of offer, both quarry and price range.
  • encourage a sustainable approach to country sports tourism by providing support to those projects that offer genuine added value at a regional and  national level
  • highlight the land management/conservation/cultural benefits of adopting a sustainable approach to stalking/shooting and fishing in Scotland 
Do you agree with these Guiding Principles or are there others that you would wish to be considered for inclusion?
Disagree, please comment below
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What are the top 3 priority projects that you would wish the SCSTG to pursue in support of the strategy?

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Do you have any other comments to make ?

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