2016 Assembly Requests & Submissions
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Under the theme Many Voices, One Song, we are excited to intentionally highlight the many ministries that are singing the song out in the world as the Church.  Many of the different pieces that make up our life together will be lifted up in different ways this year through excursions, immersions, worship leadership, and even prayers stations.  Our hope is to weave you throughout the entire assembly. Below are additional ways you can participate in this year's assembly!

Assembly begins mid-afternoon on Thursday, April 28 and concludes around noon on Saturday, April 30.  

 Embassy Suites, Loveland, Colorado


Ministry Booklet and Display Requests are due Friday, March 18

Please submit ministry booklet pages by March 25

Please submit any necessary payments by March 25


Please respond to the questions below. Some of the options require the submission of fees. You will not receive an automatic email response or invoice. Please tally your fees as you complete the form, and then make out your check to Rocky Mountain Synod and send to: 7375 Samuel Drive, Denver, CO 80221, PRIOR TO MARCH 25. Please note the purpose for the fees on the memo line. It will be necessary for you to work through the entire form and click submit at the end. Required questions are marked with an asterisk. 


Please note that reserving a Display Table will also require that you be registered for the assembly either as a Voting Member, a Visitor, or an Exhibitor.  The assembly registration deadline is March 18.  


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A DISPLAY TABLE may be reserved for the 2016 Assembly. Each table must be hosted by someone who is registered as a voting member, a visitor, or an exhibitor. 

I am reserving a display table.
No display table
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I have requested a display table and will require electricity for my display. An additional fee of $25 is required for electricity at your table, as charged by the hotel. Skip this question if you are not requesting a display table 

Yes, I need electricity at my display table.
I do not need electricity.

We prepare a MINISTRY MAGAZINE with one-page snapshots of synod ministries, boards, and agencies. The deadline to submit your page is March 25. Submissions may be a Word document or .pdf file, 8.5 x 11 inches. 



How is your ministry or organization joining in the song?  In your page this year, we are asking that you tell one of your stories. Share some of the great ways you are singing the song in the world!

Tell a brief, meaningful story about your ministry or organization and how lives are impacted through Mission Support dollars and other gifts of generosity given in the name of Christ.  Tell a story with words and a picture or two.


Pages should be emailed to Kent Mueller: kmueller@rmselca.org . 

I am reserving a page in the ministry magazine.
No page.
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Sign up to contribute an assembly centerpiece for the tables.


We want to share the stories of God's work in the world and make them front and center!  Using the theme "Many Voices, One Song"  create a centerpiece highlighting your ministry or organization.  We are looking to feature 1 ministry at each of our 50 tables.  Be creative!  The only restriction is it should be no larger than 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

I would like to offer a centerpiece
I am not interested
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