Patient Survey: Your Care at CHN
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Please fill out this survey to let us know how you feel about your care at CHN.



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Helen B. Atkinson - 81 West 115th Street
Community League - 511 West 157th Street
Catherine M. Abate - 150 Essex Street
CABS - 94 Manhattan Avenue #98
Caribbean House - 1167 Nostrand Avenue
Dr. Betty Shabazz - 999 Blake Avenue
Queens Health Center - 97-04 Sutphin Boulevard
Long Island City - 36-11 21st Street
Family Health Center - 90-04 161st Street
Bronx Health Center - 975 Westchester Avenue
Tremont - 4215 Third Avenue
Medical Mobile Van
Seward Park Campus

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Please fill in a circle to show how much you agree with each statement.

Making an appointment:

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I was able to make an appointment quickly.
The center is open when I need it.
I was able to reach the center by phone.

My doctor or dentist:

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My doctor or dentist listened to me.
My doctor or dentist answered my questions.
My doctor or dentist talked to me about my health in a way I could understand.
My health problem was taken care of.
My doctor or dentist spoke to me with respect.
Center staff:
 Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree 
The staff listened to me.
The staff answered my questions.
The staff talked to me about my health in a way I could understand.
The staff spoke to me with respect.
The staff was friendly and helpful.
Our health center:
 Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree 
The health center was neat and clean.
I felt safe and comfortable during my visit.
I felt like my personal information was kept private.
I am happy with the care I get at this center.
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How was your wait time at the center today?


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What did you like about your visit today?

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How can we make our center better?

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Thank you for filling out our survey! Your answers will help us improve our health center.