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The Canadian Angus Foundation is gathering information from all members to create a new history book. Please answer the questions below with as much information as you wish to include and with as many words as it takes to tell your Angus story. Feel free to skip questions that are not relevant. Your contact information and membership information are required so that we can contact you if we have questions.

Please note that the Canadian Angus Foundation reserves the right to edit submissions for spelling, grammar, length and clarity.
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How does your Angus story begin? Tell us when you purchased your first Angus animal, who purchased the animal, where the cows came from, the breeding of those cows, and where the cattle that you added came from. What were you doing before you became an Angus breeder? 


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What are your goals for your Angus operation?  


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In which year did you purchase your first Canadian Angus Association membership? (If you're unsure, please indicate that.) 


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Have you purchased a membership every year since? 

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Did your current membership evolve from another family membership?
If yes, what was the membership name and ID number?  

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Is there a story behind your herd name or tattoo letters?  


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Is there a significant animal or pedigree line that had an impact on your Angus operation? 


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Do you have any sale memories to share, perhaps a favourite or particularly memorable sale? (Please include production sales and consignment sales.) 


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Do you export cattle or genetics? If so, any stories to share? 


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Do you have any show stories to share?  


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Have 4-H or the Canadian Junior Angus Association been part of your family's history? If so, how? 


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What accomplishments are you most proud of? 


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What are your most significant memories or interesting incidents in your years of dealing with cattle and cattle breeders? 


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What is your leadership involvement? (e.g. regional or national boards, Canadian Angus Foundation) 


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Have you had any Angus or livestock industry mentors? How did they influence you? 


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What have Angus cattle contributed to your farming program, your family and your way of life? 


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Thank you for taking the time to share your Angus story with the Canadian Angus Foundation! We invite you to submit photos for consideration to