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What is your age group?

Under 25
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What would be the ONE or TWO most important reasons you would do a health food / raw food workshop?

Learning new recipes
Tasting interesting new dishes
Useful tips and education
Meeting like minded people
Discounts on products
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How important is hands-on experience in a workshop?

I want to make the dish myself
I would rather watch a demonstration
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What type of recipes most interest you?

Practical recipes to use every day eg for a main meal
Juices and smoothies
Recipes using new or novel ingredients
Recipes using new preparation techniques (eg dehydrated)
Free from grains / gluten
Free from dairy
Free from sugar
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How much experience do you have with a healthy or raw diet style?

I'm completely new - just getting started.
I have an on - off affair with healthy / raw eating and am looking for inspiration to stay on track.
I have a lot of experience and knowledge already and like to keep in touch with the newest trends.
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What is the most important motivation you have for healthy eating?

To overcome a health problem
To prevent health problems or postpone ageing
To have more energy and positive feelings daily
I am vegetarian / vegan
I have a food intolerance / allergy
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