Washington Unified School District LCAP Review Survey
Each year school districts throughout California are required to gather Parent / Community feedback regarding our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The questions below are specifically designed to address the Washington Unified School District LCAP while following the guidelines outlined in the state priorities.
State Priority: Basic Services - This year, we...

1) Increased the number of instructional technology devices at all sites
2) Increased our bandwidth
3) Provided professional development on CA State Standards for teaching staff
4) Began a mathematics curriculum pilot for 2016-17 Math Adoption
5) Began updating facilities with Bond Funds

How can your school site expand on it basic services provided to students and staff? 

Increase access to technology (computers, wireless, mobile devices)
Increase maintenance/custodial services
Increase support staff
Upgrade facilities to reflect 21st century learning environments
State Priority: Implementation of State Standards - This year, we...

1) Hired a Program Specialist to support PD and the New Teacher Induction Program
2) Offered 3 All Day Professional Development days and many after school trainings
3) Developed a writing prompt to assist teachers in determining student's needs for writing instruction
4) Added an additional cohort of Innovative Educators trained in engaging students in CA State Standards using instructional technology

How can your school site more effectively implement the new academic content and performance standards (e.g. Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards)?

Increase technology (computers, wireless, mobile devices)
Parent education workshops
Increase staff development for state standards
Incorporate more materials and resources aligned with new state standards
State Priority: Broad Course of Study / Course Access - This year, we...

1) Opened the Bryte Culinary Academy to extend student choice in Career Technical Education
2) Broadened Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) to reach all grade levels
3) Opened registration for a Dual Immersion Kindergarten Program
4) Offered after school intervention classes to accelerate student achievement
5) Increased enrollment in Advanced Placement Courses

How would you increase access to high quality courses and programs for all students? 

Increase cultural awareness district-wide
Stronger home to school connection
More programs focusing on Career Technical Education (CTE)
More opportunities for foreign language education
State Priority: Pupil Achievement - This year, we...

1) Provided time for staff collaboration
2) Offered a variety of professional development to support teachers in instructing students on the new CA State Standards
3) Focused on writing and developing academic language
4) Employed highly qualified teachers
5) Incorporated instructional technology into classroom practice
6) Used state assessments to monitor student progress
7) Are offering summer programs for students needing extra academic support

What programs or services would you implement to increase student attendance and graduation rates?

Increased teacher collaboration / consistency
Stronger academic programs
Increased urgency with student information, teacher/parent conferences, and school to home communication
Academic supports specific to student needs
State Priority: Parental Involvement - This year, we...

1) Hired an Administrator of Community Outreach
2) Increased communication through social media and email
3) Utilized Home School Liaisons to promote parents as partners
4) Offered Parent University to provide information about college and career readiness
5) Increased the number school events, Parent Advisory Committee meetings, and English Learner Advisory Committee outreach

How would you increase parental involvement and participation at your school site?

More parent education workshops
More volunteer opportunities
Stronger school to family connection
More district communication, updates, and announcements
State Priority: School Climate & Safety - This year, we...

1) Hired health aides to help with student medical issues
2) Expanded Social Worker Outreach
3) Utilized Kevin Bracy's Reach One Program to combat bullying
4) Continued using BEST Practices to promote positive student behaviors

What changes would you make at your school site to improve school climate and encourage students, parents, and teachers to feel more connected?

Increase student outreach/intervention efforts
Keep strengthening current efforts
Build stronger school to home communication
More emphasis on positive behaviors outside of school
State Priority: Increasing success of English Learners - This year, we...

1) Utilized English Learner Intervention Teachers to provide differentiated instruction in English Language Development (ELD)
2) Gathered stakeholders together to create an English Language Master Plan
3) Expanded promotion of District English Learner Advisory Committee
4) Adopted Board Policies for California Seal of Biliteracy for to recognize graduating seniors with mastery of at least two languages
5) Provided extensive professional development on instructional strategies proven effective in promoting academic language

What type of changes would you make in order to increase access to high quality courses and programs for all students?

More actively promote English Learner programs that are in use
Increase the number of English Learner programs
Strengthen the program already in use
Increase the focus on English Learner parental involement
State Priority: Other Pupil Outcomes

What other programs or actions should WUSD take to support student's readiness for college or successful careers?


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