eBay Account Assessment Pre-questions
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Hello and Congratulations!

Yes, congratulations are in order because you've taken the first step for improving your eBay business and it's my pleasure to take a deep look into your eBay listings. 

Please review and answer the questions below. Take your time and be as specific as you can. The more info provided the better I can understand your needs.

Let's get started!
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What is your eBay user ID: 


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How long have you been in business and doing eBay?


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Name your top 3 competitors on eBay and include any details you'd like to point out. 


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Required 5.

Please share any eBay frustrations you may be having?


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Required 6.
Do you have any sites that you sell your items on besides eBay? If so, please provide links to the sites. 

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Required 7.
Have you ever used eBay's Mark-Down-Manager and run any sales?  If so, please share information about the type of sale you ran and your experience with it. 

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Required 8.

Facebook - Do you have a business page set-up? If so please include a link and feel free to include any comments about Facebook marketing. 


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Required 9.

Twitter: Are yo using it? If so please include your twitter name and add any comments about twitter if needed. 


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Required 10.

Pinterest - Are you using it and if so please include a link to your page and feel free to add any comments about using Pinterest. . 


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Required 11.

What about LinkedIN and Instagram? Are you using them or not? Please include the ID/links and/or any comments. . 


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Required 12.

Are you doing any email marketing either on eBay by using the eBay store newsletter or off eBay using an email marketing provider or just your own standard email? Feel free to leave a comment about this topic. 

Yes I use only the eBay newsletter.
Yes I send emails off eBay only.
Yes, both off and on eBay.
No, not doing any email marketing.
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Required 13.

Would you like to try a free trial of Constant Contact?  A free trial runs for 60 days and I will be your personal coach helping with email marketing of the eBay business. The cost after the trial starts at $20.00 a month and up depending on the plan if you decide to continue. FYI - No credit card needed to get started with the trial. 

No, I will skip the offer.
Yes, sign me up!
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Final thoughts - Feel free to include any final thoughts.


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Thank you.  I look forward to reviewing your information!
Watch for an email, follow-up report within the next 48 hours after payment.

All the best, 
Danna Crawford
CEO/Owner: PowerSellingMom.com