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Dear MDG Member,

This new MDG Member Services Directory is designed to enable you to promote your products and/or services more effectively on the MDG website. Members should be able to more readily find each others' products and services and nonmembers will also be able to search MDG members' businesses--as well as that of MDG Sponsors. 

This form captures your key contact and business information--it provides a list of typical medical technology industry business categories from which to select with the option of proposing additional categories under 'Other'. The compiled responses will be posted on category-based pages of the MDG website with links from the home page and the pulldown menu for easy access.

Note 1: Although nonmembers will be able to search for products and services, MDG membership is required for listing. 
Note 2: If you begin to fill the form out and exit without completing it, you may be 'locked' out from a 2nd attempt. If this occurs, please contact

We hope that members, sponsors, and alliance partners will find this new MDG website service useful for connecting with the medical technology expertise, products and services they need to advance their business interests.  

 -MDG Membership Committee
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Please note that MDG will attempt to include categories not in the original list as makes sense, which may require contacting you to create a new 'consensus' category to keep the number of categories manageable for search and webpage maintenance purposes.  

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