Overall Survey Results:

Community Feedback Survey: Morgan Hill's Quality of LIfe Needs & Priorities

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We all agree that Morgan Hill is a special place with an amazing
quality of life, unique sense of community, and strong property values. As a community, we
must continue to address our quality of life needs to keep it that way.

The City of Morgan Hill strives to engage our community and realizes that we can
continue to improve. We thank the 500 plus residents who have already provided
feedback on the quality of life priorities through online and telephone
surveys. We value your input.

The City is further engaging the community to obtain additional feedback about Morgan
Hill's quality of life needs and to make sure as many people as possible have
an opportunity to share their views. Please let us know what quality of life
priorities are important to you by completing a Community Feedback Survey
TODAY. Thank you for
your participation! 
1Please check all the items that are important to you: 
Number of
Rapidly responding to 9-1-1 emergency calls
532 79.4%
Maintaining fire protection services
505 75.3%
Maintaining city streets, roads and repairing potholes
544 81.1%
Maintaining the number of police officers on neighborhood patrols
497 74.1%
Maintaining a safe, clean, reliable local water supply
515 76.8%
Maintaining crime prevention and investigation programs
459 68.5%
Attracting and retaining local businesses
433 64.6%
Maintaining the long-term financial stability of the City
475 70.8%
Preserving open space
497 74.1%
Enhancing youth crime prevention and gang intervention programs
403 60.1%
Managing growth to maintain neighborhood character
512 76.4%
Water conservation
345 51.4%
2Other priorities important to me, comments, and/or questions: 
 Number of
3Please provide your contact information if you would like to discuss Morgan Hill's needs and priorities with a member of the City's team (OPTIONAL).
AnswerNumber of
First Name 225
Last Name 222
Company Name 61
Home Phone 150
Email Address 212
Address 1 198
Address 2 16
City 210
Postal Code 204
Cell Phone Postal Code 114

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