MVPediatrics Health & Wellness Center Survey For Class Offerings
We'd like to offer more groups and workshops for children, teens, and their parents at MVPediatrics. Please check the box or boxes below with your interests.  A clinician from MVPediatrics will facilitate each session.  If you would like to be contacted about a specific group, please leave your name and contact info in one of the comment sections.

Please rate your interest in the following potential event topics for parents.
 Very interested Somewhat interested Neutral Not interested  
Mindfulness/ Self Care For Parents  
Parent Group To Help With Major Life Changes (divorce, illness, death, moves, new sibling-Please indicate in comment section which group is of interest to you.)  
Dads' Group  
LGBTQ Parent Evening, What Does It All Mean?  
Communication Skills For Families  
Mother/ Daughter Night (for parent and child)  
Father/Son Night (for parent and child)  
New Mom Facilitated Support Group  
Reiki For Parents  
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Please rate your interest in the following potential event topics for kids.

 Very interested Somewhat interested Neutral Not interested  
Karaoke/ Open Mic Night For Teens  
Girl Group (Ages 9 to 12)  
Boy Group (Ages 9 to 12)  
Teen Group  
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What other topics would you like to see as the focus for future events?

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Which of the following days and times work best for your schedule?
Weekend- Early Evening
Weekend- Late Afternoon
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