5th Annual Symposium Survey

Thank you for joining almost 300 attendees at the Texas Campaign's 5th Annual Statewide Symposium.  We are grateful for your contributions to making this a successful networking and knowledge sharing event.  We put a great deal of thought and effort into making this event successful and we take your comments and thoughts very seriously. Please tell us what you loved and what could be improved so that we can make this event even better in 2017. 

Overall, how would you rate your experience at the Texas Campaign symposium?
Could be better
Which of the following did you attend? (check all that apply)
Wednesday's Post-symposium workshop
Which of the following best describes the duration of the symposium?
Give me more - I could do this forever!
I could have stayed a little longer
Just right
I was ready to go before it was over
Way too long!

What did you like most about the symposium? Please indicate your most valuable experience.


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