ISSA-VC Red Team Survey
What are your Skilz with Linux?
Linux? Is that the character from Snoopy that has a blanket?
I've dablled in it
I'm decent
I got mad skilz
Its my OS of choice
What are your Skilz with Kali?
Dude Cali Is the Surf Capital of the World! Just don't get pitted!
I'm a N00b.
I'm decent
I got Skilz
I make Razor & Blade look like N00bz
What is your favorite movie about hacking?
Hackers - Hack The Planet
Sneakers - The movie that took place in Simi Valley
WarGames - The one with a modem
Tron - The Original
Tron - The one with Olivia Wilde
AntiTrust - Open Source baby!
Live Free or Die Hard
Real Genius - Where Iceman Plays a smart guy
Firewall - Harrison Ford hacks with a USB stick
The Net - Order a pizza online...that be Crazy!
Swordfish (please no one vote for this movie)

Why Do you identify with most?

I am a true Black Hat. I'll hack any company anywhere
I'm a me Mr Grey Hat
I'm a White Hat. I'm here to defend
I'm with the FBI.
What would you like to learn from the next Red Team/Blue Team Event?

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