Thank you for taking time to complete our survey on Infopreneurship which to us encompasses publishing, electronic publishing, information marketing and Internet marketing. After years of research, study and application of what we have learned, we believe this new field represents one of the most essential "Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century".

We also believe that helping expand awareness of and access to resources for becoming an Infopreneur can help solve the social, environmental and economic challenges we face. That is why we are establishing the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network as a "cause-oriented" Benefit Corporation that includes Community Economic Development principles and practices of Self-help, Empowerment and Capacity-building.  We invite your cocreative participation, value your feedback and thank you again!

Definitions of Infopreneur and Infopreneurship are provided on the next screen where we ask you to share how you would define these terms. Please do continue the survey!