Thank you for reporting your results each week!
Thank you for reporting your household's avoidable wasted food. This is food that could have been eaten but wasn't. Don't measure food you would never eat such as peels, bones and shells. Be sure to include food scraped off plates and from the fridge, counter and cabinets each day. See the Measurement Guide for more information. 

Each week you fill out this survey, you will win one of our prizes. Thank you. 

Which week of the challenge are you reporting?

How did you measure the wasted food?

Took a picture or estimated
Measured with a kitchen scale
Measured in portions of a large container -- quarter, half or more
Measured with a graduated container

How much wasted food was there last week?


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How did the amount of wasted food change compared to last week?

It is more
It is the same
It is less
This is the first week

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