Cheerleading Lifestyle Survey
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Required 1.
What would you like to know more about from CIC?
Cheer Fitness in General
Other Lifestyle Tips like Leadership.
All of the above.
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Required 2.
Please select all that apply to you.
I want more Cheers and Chant Words
I want more Cheers and Chants that are Already Choreographed for me.
I want more stunting tips.
I would love more jump tips that I can use at home or at practice.
I prefer my information in video form.
I like learning from information that I can download and print out.
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Required 3.
My favorite type of cheerleading jewelry is:
Elastic, Stretch Bracelets
Bangle Charm Bracelets
Bracelets that are gold in color
Bracelets that are silver in color
Bracelets that match my team colors
I like it ALL :-)
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Required 4.
What type of cheerleading items are your favorites:
T-shirts that are nice so you can wear them to school or out around town.
T-shirts that are colorful and perfect for cheer camp or practice.
Cheerleading Totebags
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Required 5.
How would you rate the following:
 Absolute, YES! Sounds Nice It's Ok Maybe Not No Way on the Planet 
I would like an EASY Opportunity to make money with Cheerleading!
I would like a video course on exercises and stretches to improve my cheer skills.
I would like a "Members Only" section where I can get exclusive content and choreographed routines.
I would LOVE 20 to 25 cheers and chants already choreographed for me!
Yep, I love cheerleading DIY"s for spirit ideas and motivaitonal projects for my team.
I would LOVE a "Coaching" section where I can get great information for my team!
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How likely are you to share Cheerleading Info Center with your friends?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Do you have any suggestions for improving Cheerleading Info Center or new cheer products that you would like to see?

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What are your favorite types of social media?

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Required 9.
Which applies to you?
I am a current Cheerleader
I am a Cheerleading Coach
I am a Team Mom
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Which category describes your age?
Younger than 18
18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
65 or older
Prefer not to answer