Michigan Banker Survey
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Required 1.
How did you hear about Great Lakes Banker? 
I was a Michigan Banker reader
At one of the Conventions
A direct mail piece
Email Marketing
Online at www.mybankermag.com
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Required 2.

What Sections Do You Read Most? 

I read it cover to cover
I just read the cover story
I stick to the features
I love the various departments
I really like the event coverage
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Required 3.
Of the Departments, how do you rate them? 1 - I Never Use, 5 - No Opinion, 10 - Love it!

(1 = Least)
Publisher's Page
Around the World
Association News
Regional Banking Financial News
Bank Technology
In the Community
Regional Banking News
Banking Law and Regulations
The Business of Banking
The Lending Game
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Required 4.

Have You Visited our Website, www.mybankermag.com? 

Required 5.

If you have visited our website, what areas do you like best? 

The Homepage
The Association News Page
The Archives
Don Jeffrey
The Classifieds
The Advertising Page
The Subscription Page
The Contact Us Page
The Events Calendar
I have not been to your website
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