Florida 2030 Survey
The Florida Chamber Foundation is leading the charge to write the blueprint for Florida's future - Florida 2030. This two-year research project will stimulate strategic thinking about Florida's future and engage business and community leaders in each of Florida's 67 counties in identifying key trends and the factors that drive their regional economy.

Florida 2030 is our opportunity to work together to strengthen your community, your business, and your future. Help us shape Florida's future by answering the questions below:

What future trends or changes do you think will affect you and the state of Florida over the next 15 years?


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What should Florida do to ensure it is able to compete globally between now and 2030?


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What is needed to make sure Florida's future is prosperous and can provide Floridians with high paying jobs?


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What should Florida do to ensure our communities remain vibrant and sustainable for the long term?


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If you are interested in receiving information on Florida 2030 research as the project evolves, please provide the information below.

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