FY2017 SC Ports Authority Community Giving Application
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Applications will be evaluated on the project's alignment with SCPA's grant focus areas, measurable results and outcomes, lasting impacts and outreach potential. The port does not guarantee that previously funded sponsorships will be approved in the future. For more details on the selection criteria and evaluation procedures, contact the External Affairs Coordinator, Kelsi Childress at kchildress@scspa.com.
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Organization mission statement: 


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Project title and brief description of program for which funding is requested: 


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Why is this program important to our community? 


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Select the focus area under which this program/event is applicable:

Maritime Commerce: SCPA is committed to sponsoring programs and services that educate and promote maritime commerce and transportation, market interaction, trade development, maritime industry-related career readiness, and maritime services.

conomic Development: SCPA is committed to supporting maritime-related trade associations, small business development initiatives, economic growth, chamber memberships and activities, and education.

Environmental Awareness: SCPA is committed to sponsoring programs that promote environmental protection and/or stewardship through educational projects and initiatives aimed at waste reduction, pollution prevention, marsh creation, and storm-water management. The range of programs may include environmental fairs, parks and open space development, community environmental initiatives, conferences and other projects dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting environmental stewardship.

Community Outreach: SCPA is committed to supporting community-based activities or programs that promote the general welfare of a community and promote port-related alliances, governmental cooperatives, strategic opportunities for SCPA employee volunteerism, and educational initiatives and community outreach efforts deemed to be in the best interest of the port. The highest priority consideration will be given to those communities adjacent to the port properties or impacted by port operations.

Maritime Commerce
Economic Development
Environmental Awareness
Community Outreach
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Date(s) and location/geographic area impacted by the program/event: 

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Number of people/things (i.e. students, community members, roadways etc.) that will benefit from or be positively impacted by the program:  

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Funding request from SC Ports Authority:

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Please specify how the SCPA funds would be used. 


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Total program budget:

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Other firm financial commitments for this program: 

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How will the SCPA be recognized as a sponsor or participant? 


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Previous SCPA grants your organization has received, including the date, project and amount of funding (if none, enter N/A): 


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List your organization's staff involved in the project:

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