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BAC Fighter Field Report- Personal Stories from Your Community
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Have you heard a personal story from an individual you serve about how your teaching caused him or her to change what they do around food safety? 

Did they alter what they do at home or work to reduce their risk of food borne illness? Encourage them to tell you, then share your story with us on the form below!
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Tell us about what problem your program helps to solve:

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Can you tell us about a specific person who has participated in your program? Please share their name, age, and a few descriptive details about them? (You don't have to use their real name.)


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What things did this person do that were not food safe- as they didn't know better? Share specific details about how they felt about their choices, situation, etc. You get the idea.

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This person made his/her way to us because: (Share how the person found you or your programs. Be specific. Maybe they heard about a food borne illness outbreak and you happen to be offering a training class. Or they wanted more info from you on how they could help to keep an elderly loved one well or a new grandbaby safe with proper food safety practices...)

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How did your program help this individual? What changed for this person? i.e. because of our work this person is now: (What are the exact results AND transformations this person is experiencing? Remember: you are still talking about one person whose life is different because of your work.)

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Do you have any photographs or videos for your BAC Fighter Field Report you want to share? (If available, we will contact you via email to obtain the photos.)

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Is there anything you are looking for at that could be helpful to your work that you feel is currently missing?


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Please provide permission for the Partnership to feature your story on the Fight BAC! website.

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For more information about BAC Fighter Field Reports, please contact Shawnte Loeri at  We want to share your story!