What do you MOST wish hiring companies would tell you?


When you are visiting a company website to review their job description, how important is it that the following items be presented BEFORE you begin the application process?

 Very Important Somewhat Important Neutral Somewhat UNimportant Very UNimportant 
Employee or Independent Contractor designation
Hours you will be expected to work (FT, PT, eves, days, etc.)
Pay range
States/Regions they are hiring in
Brief overview of the position
In-depth job description
Operating system requirements (Windows XP, Vista, 10, etc.) and Platforms accepted: PC or Mac?
Phone specs (landline, cable, satellite, VOIP, etc.)
Internet requirements (cable, satellite, dial-up, DSL, wireless, etc.)
Experience & Education requirements

What is the SINGLE most frustrating thing that you find when you are applying for a work from home job? 


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If you had direct access to the Hiring Managers of companies with work from home jobs, what questions would you ask them? 


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