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We place great value on providing quality care. Receiving your feedback is an essential step toward improving that quality. Your feedback, provided through this survey, will be used for this purpose as well as providing valuable testimonials for our practice. All personal information you provide will be kept confidential according to the standards of HIPAA.

How did you hear about Dr. Gilmore and Panhandle Orthopaedics? (Please check all that apply.)
Another Doctor
Workers' Compensation
Our Website
Insurance Website
Please select which medical provider(s) you saw at your appointment.
Dr. Michael Gilmore
Tony Zembrzuski, Physician Assistant
Delan Gilliam, Physical Therapist
Emily Painter, Physical Therapist Assistant
Mike Zarger, Athletic Trainer
Mandy Watts, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
Amanda Dorner, Physical Therapy Assistant
Please select which Panhandle Orthopaedics location you attend(ed).
Panama City Beach
How does our office staff, facility, and services rate on the following attributes?
If you were dissatisfied with any of these attributes; please tell us why in the comment box.  If a question doesn't apply to your visit, PLEASE leave it blank.
 Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied   
Promptness of scheduling your appointment   
Check-in experience   
Satisfactory answers to financial and insurance questions   
Professional and courteous service of office staff   
Facility cleanliness and comfort   
Check-out experience   
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How does our care rate on the following attributes?
If you were dissatisfied with any of these attributes; please tell us why in the comment box.
 Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied   
Explaining the next steps of your care   
A clearly communicated explanation of your diagnosis   
The answering of all your questions   
Listening to you   
The amount of time we spent with you during your visit   
Our responsiveness to your needs   
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How close to your scheduled time did your appointment begin?
Early or On Time
15 minutes
Would you recommend our services to others?
If you would not recommend our services, would you please share with us why?
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At this time, how would you rate your overall experience at Panhandle Orthopaedics?
If you were neutral or dissatisfied with your experience, please tell us why in the comment box below.
Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied         
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