The Religious Education Board would appreciate it greatly if you took a moment to fill out the following survey.  As a Board, we continually review our program and seek to make improvements. 

In our search, this article came to our attention
Why Catholic Religious Education Is Doomed To Fail.  The questions that stood out were: "What do Religious Ed students come away with?" "What can we do to help them reach a deeper faith?" "Do we, as parents, understand our faith sufficiently?"   This led us to want to ask our community their thoughts about our program, and what we can do to help our families reach a deeper faith.   We hope to utilize your feedback in setting both short term and long term goals for our Religious Education Program.  We invite you to read the article above via the link provided.  

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. The survey answers will be completely anonymous, unless you choose to give us your name at the end of the survey. Some questions will allow the opportunity for written feedback.  Please share your thoughts with us!

Elva Lynch, Chairperson
Religious Education Board 
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