What are the important Manufacturing issues to address?
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The purpose of the Manufacturing Council is to address the following:
  • Manufacturing is important for America
  • Manufacturing is critical for the Lehigh Valley
  • We need to help, "to do what it takes" to help existing manufacturers in the LV and to attract new manufacturers to the region.
What do you consider your business?
Government Entity
Please rate the importance of past topics
In the past two years the Manufacturing Council has organized 10 Manufacturing Summits or meetings to discuss information that may help manufacturers become more productive and cost effective.  Those topics included:

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ISO:22000 Global Food Safety Initiative
Engaging the Millennial Workforce
Funding for Manufacturers- Show Me the Money
Transfer of Knowledge from retirees to your younger workforce
PA House Manufacturing Caucus Roundtable
Actions needed to help more students be ready for manufacturing
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In your opinion, what are the issues that:

Need to be addressed
Need to be fixed
Need to be improved

--- to help manufacturers become more competitive in the Lehigh Valley economy?


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Priority for Action

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Government Regulations   
Tax issues   
Labor / Workforce Issues   
Local Infrastructure   
Financing Issues   
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How interested are you in the following topics?
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3D Printing
Workplace Safety (OSHA)
Internet Security (Cyber Security)
Nano Technology
Machinery Reliability
International Issues
Facility Planning (asset planning)
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What can this community do to make it better for manufacturing?

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Why did you attend our event? Select all that apply.
For networking
Interest in event topic
To support the organization
You know the organizers or participants
Based on our records you or someone from your company attended a Manufacturing Council event in the past. How did you learn of our event?
In the media (newspaper, magazine, trade journal, billboards, etc)
Received invitation from The Chamber
Received invitation from manufacturing related organization
What is your overall level of satisfaction from the events you have attended?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Thank you for taking time to fill out this survey. We appreciate your help and feedback to ensure that we are providing the manufacturing community the best possible programs and services.  Please feel free to email danielleb@lehighvalleychamber.org with any additional comments.