What's Your Favorite Sewing Tool?


Whether you quilt, sew or craft I am curious to know your one "must have" tool. Of course, I already know SCHMETZ is your favorite needle brand, but what about your favorite sewing tool? My favorite tool is a brass stiletto that I have had for years. I am very protective about it and ALWAYS know its location. The point helps secure fabric to the machine foot after a pin is removed. Plus, when quilting, I run the stiletto point under pressed seams that are face down to avoid dogged eared seams and assure a smooth stitch line before needle penetration.

Respond to this quick and simple survey and in return your name will be entered into a random  give-away. My stash of sewing goodies has been growing and over the next few months will be doing more give-aways, so stay tuned. (Please include your email address so that we can contact you if we pick your entry.)


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