Evaluation - Fall Prevention Month Toolkit
Please complete this evaluation if you downloaded any resources from the Fall Prevention Month Toolkit located at: fallpreventionmonth.ca/toolkit
For the second year, we are very pleased to share this new and improved Toolkit and we wish you every success in your fall prevention initiatives.  Your comments are valuable to us as we revise the Toolkit on a yearly basis based on your comments. Thank you for helping us to evaluate our 2016 Toolkit. 
How did you use the Toolkit?

For information purposes related to your work
For information purposes to share with older adults/caregivers
For information purposes to share with staff/colleagues
To plan a fall prevention activity or initiative for older adults/caregivers
To plan a fall prevention activity or initiative for staff/colleagues
How useful were the resources in each category of the Toolkit?
 Not at all useful A little useful Useful Very useful N/A 
Information for older adults & caregivers
Promotional materials
Sample activities for the month of November
Practitioner resources
Ongoing programs & interventions
Statistics and infographics

What was the most useful resource in the Toolkit?


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What else would you like to see included in the Toolkit in future years?


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Any other comments about the Toolkit?


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