What does "local" mean to you?
Do you prefer to support/shop at local businesses over chain/national businesses?
Yes, always.
Sometimes / When I can.
This doesn't matter to me.
Which factors (you can choose more than one) present a challenge when trying to shop locally more often?
Too expensive to shop local compared to chains.
Local stores are too far away, chains are closer.
Local stores don't have good hours of operation.
I'm not sure which stores are local and which are chains.
Shopping locally doesn't matter that much to me.
What makes a restaurant, store or other business considered 'local' to you? (you can choose more than one answer)
The business was founded in Columbus.
The products offered are sourced/created in Columbus.
The business owners are from Columbus.
How important are each of these factors when measuring "local"?
 Least Important    Most Important 
The business was founded in Columbus
The products are sourced/created in Columbus.
The owners are from Columbus.

Which geographical boundary do you consider to be an acceptable definition of "local" for a restaurant, store or business?

Business founded in my neighborhood.
Business founded in Columbus.
Business founded in Central Ohio Region.
Business founded in Ohio.
Business founded in the Midwest.

If a local store, restaurant or business carries only a certain percentage of locally made products or locally sourced foods, what percentage needs to be local for it to be considered a local business?

100% of products made/sourced locally.
75% of products made/sourced locally.
50% of products made/sourced locally.
25% of products made/sourced locally.
0% of products - As long as the business was established a local owner.
How many locations can a local business have before it becomes a "chain"? 

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If a business opens enough locations to be considered a chain, how likely are you to stop going to that business?
Not likely at all to stop going
Somewhat likely to stop going
Pretty likely to stop going
I definitely won't patronize that place again

If a local business owner opens a franchise operation of a national store or restaurant, is that considered a chain?

Not Sure

In no particular order, please name your top three to five LOCAL businesses, stores or restaurants:


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In no particular order, please name your top three to five CHAIN businesses, stores or restaurants:


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Any other questions or comments you'd like to add as it relates to shopping local or supporting local businesses?


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