Application for a Discovery Session
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A few questions to find out why you are here...
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What is the primary reason you are applying for a Discovery Session?
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The burning discomfort of knowing something is not right in my life has become unbearable and I am desperate to figure it out.
There is a voice inside of me that is demanding attention and I want to know how to listen to it.
I have been blaming everyone and everything around me for my unhappiness and lack of fulfillment and finally feel courageous enough to consider that I may be playing a role.
I have been listening to other people's opinions and meeting other people's needs for most of my life. I am both nervous and desperately curious to find out what my voice truly sounds like.
I am doing fine - even great - in many areas of my life and yet there is an emptiness inside that won't go away.
I have pursued a lot of personal development books, workshops, courses,and experiences in the past and am looking for something that will take me deeper into the process of discovering my truth and living my brilliance.
I have a great deal to contribute to this world and am finally ready to get out of my own way.
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Based upon the boxes you checked above, what is one reason why you believe you are not currently living your most authentic and brilliant life right now? 

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Courage to be Curious is a boutique personal development company that takes people beyond the results they have already achieved through other avenues of self-exploration. In the space below, please describe steps you have already taken on your journey of personal growth and development. You can include: books you have read, therapy, experiences with executive coaching or life coaching, retreats you have attended, etc. 


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As a boutique company, we serve a very small number of deeply committed men and women through our coaching programs and live experiences. According to options below, please indicate how ready, willing and able you are to invest in discovering your truth and living your brilliance. 
I am beyond ready and have the resources to invest in myself.
I am absolutely ready and have the ability to get the resources I need
I am ready and will do whatever it takes because I need this
I would like to do this but I am uncomfortable about spending money on myself
I want to do this but I do not really have the money
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Please also let us know which of the three coaching programs you are most considering at this point. You are not committed to this selection, we are just curious!

Crash Course in Courageous Curiosity
Experiencing the Power of Creative Curiosity
Living the Past of Creativity Curiosity
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What makes this the right time for us to work together?


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