How competitive is your business
In working with over 100,000 businesses in 40 different countries we have found there are 6 basic areas for a business to fine tune and improve their business to create a competitive edge, grow the business and have the owner work less! Using these systems on average the businesses we work with grow an average of 120% in profitability and they grow and expand even in a recession!
So welcome to an exciting journey of discovery for you and your business!

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 0 - Not done/Not Happy 5 - Do it all the time/Very Happy 
The company's business plan is being used, tested and measured and updated quarterly.
I have key performance indicators I track daily/weekly/monthly so I know what is happening in my business even when I am not there
We have a defined vision, mission and points of culture for the company
All team members have objective measures that are checked daily/weekly/monthly
The company provides ongoing training in sales, customer service and our systems and procedures
I am happy with the amount of money I pay myself and with the amount of hours I work in a week

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