Hands Of Peace Volunteer Survey
I would like attend HOPEducation nights throughout the year and learn about the conflict from multiple perspectives and see how HOP enables teens to raise their voices as leaders of change.

San Diego
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I would like to become a host family. Hosting teens or staff from the Middle East is a window to the world and creates lifelong relationships.


San Diego
I would like to help encourage teens to apply.  Every year, teens from the U.S. join their counterparts from the Middle East in the dialogue program in Chicago and San Diego. I am happy to help with recruitment of participants.

San Diego

I would like to donate my time.  We are always looking for volunteers to assist with the multitude of activities, big and small. As a truly grass roots organization, HOP could not function without the help and dedication of our volunteers. 

Host Family Recruitment
Food Committee
Farewell Celebration
Adult Education and Hospitality
Benefit committee
Office Help
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