Retail Outlook Survey
To assist the Minnesota Retailers Association (MnRA) in telling the story of the importance of retail to our economy, please take a moment to answer the following retail outlook questions before noon on Monday, October 10. All answers are considered anonymous.

Come hear the results at our October 13 Annual Meeting!
Retail Sales Outlook | In planning for 2017 compared to the current year, do you expect:
Sales to INCREASE.
Sales to be about the SAME.
Sales to DECREASE.
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Consumer Confidence | Which of the following presents the biggest obstacle to increased consumer spending today? Please pick one.
General economic UNCERTAINTY.
GOVERNMENT actions or inactions.
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Obstacles to Growth | If any, which of the following represent obstacles to growth in your retail operation? Mark all that apply.
Consumer Spending.
Regulations or Laws.
Business Environment.
Retail Workforce Issues.
Leadership or Management.
Access To Funds (For Expansion Or Change).
Competition From Other Retailers.
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Holiday Employment | For the 2016 holiday season compared to 2015, do you plan to: (Mark all that apply.)
Hire MORE seasonal help.
Hire about the SAME amount of seasonal help.
Hire LESS seasonal help.
Offer MORE HOURS to current employees.
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Which of the following best describes your retail operation:
I am a ONE LOCATION retailer.
I am a MUTLI-LOCATION retailer.
I am a NATIONAL retailer.
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Please list the community or communities where your store or operation is located. If located throughout the state, list "statewide". 


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I don't have any immediate needs and do not need to be contacted.
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