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Land Link Montgomery Application- Landowner Seeking Farmer
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 1.      Please fill out the information in this application form completely and in as much detail as possible- it will help find you a better match.

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re listing more than one parcel of land in the Land Link Program, please fill out one application form per parcel of land. There is no extra fee.



3.      Before your  listing is posted anonymously, you will be assigned a number that will identify you only to the program manager. We will send you an email with that number and how to contact other Land Link Members. Need more info, visit our FAQ page.


4.      Fee- There is a one-time administrative fee of $30/applicant. Please either make your check payable to “Montgomery Countryside Alliance.” with "land link" in the memo line and send to: Po Box 24 Poolesville, MD  20837 -or- click here to pay by credit/debit/paypal. (will open in new window)



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In your judgement, for what crops/agricultural purposes is this land best suited? Is this your preference?


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Beyond what you have just answered above, what are you comfortable with your land being used for?

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Please describe the soil on the property


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Does this farm site have any of the following (please check all that apply):


Living or meeting space (e.g., house or office)
A barn or shed that would be available to use for storage of supplies and equipment
Potential for shared farm equipment
Access to electricity
Access to water for irrigation or surface water for livestock
Fenced Pasture for Livestock
Cooler or other storage for produce
Space to put up a heated hoophouse
Parking space for farmers' vehicles
Other facilities, please describe below
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Is the farm land protected under any conservation easements or other programs? (e.g., Rural Legacy, Maryland Environmental Trust, etc…)



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What type of tenure arrangement are you interested in (e.g., cash rent, lease, sell, work to own, farm transfer, other)? Please describe in detail (length of lease, conditions of sale, etc…)


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Additional details or comments about the land that would be helpful for a prospective farmer:


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 Below are some examples of landowner listings. Please read and look over these listings, you will then create a listing for your property for the Land Link site.


Example “For Sale”

Historic farm in Damascus for sale: twenty south-facing acres with a gravity-fed spring for the house, a dug well for livestock and a year-round brook.  Buildings include: three-bedroom 1860s house extensively refurbished with attached 22’X42’summer kitchen/shed/garage with loft; 1830s 30’X36’timber-frame barn currently used for hay storage, needs reinforcing; a three-sided 12’X20’ run-in with attached 10’X12’ insulated duckhouse and 8’X10’ chicken coop; an 8’X10’ goathouse with hay storage and overhang; and an 8’X12” chicken condo with sunporch. Two well-established kitchen gardens: one is 28’X52’ easily expandable, the other is 28’X40” with two 30’ rows of mature raspberries and three 15’ rows of mature asparagus.  Within twenty miles of good-sized city with local restaurants and farmers’ markets interested in local products, and within nine miles of a major highway.



 Example “Looking for Business Partner”

Owner of 50-acre farm in Dickerson seeks partner:  farm is off the grid and consists of woodlands, fields and meadowland and has a small (12) herd of dairy goats.  There are established gardens (about 1200 ft sq), good fencing, and a fine barn with a small milk-processing plant under a current state license, as well as a rustic cabin (about 250 sq ft) with electricity and potentially water.  Until about three years ago, this was an ongoing commercial goat cheese operation with two part-time employees in addition to the owner, with an established market including two farmers’ markets, two food cooperatives, and several restaurants, and is close to a major highway.  There is room for expansion into about five acres of potentially-tillable land: one acre was farmed recently and the remaining four have been mown.  Owner is interested in continuing his responsibility for the operation part-time to work with a farmer to expand the undertaking, is willing to mentor an interested party, particularly around goat husbandry and cheese production, and is open to innovative tenure options.



Example “For Lease”

Land for lease in Poolesville:  5.6 acres of mowed clay- soil fenced pasture suitable for vegetables and other uses, with creek frontage and ample road frontage, within a half-hour of major city. Lease terms are flexible. 


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Please write your listing below (this will appear with your anonymous number on the Land Link site for farmers to browse) We will edit only for clarity.


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