Hotel and Resort Member Feedback: 24/7 Liquor Room Service

In March, BC government announced a change to hotel and resort liquor room service hours. Liquor can now be delivered to hotel guests by room service 24 hours a day as long as food is available for room service delivery. 

ABLE BC is requesting your feedback on this policy change. Please take a moment to complete our survey below. 

Do you now offer 24/7 liquor room service at your hotel or resort? Please explain your answer in the comments section. 
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Please provide any relevant feedback on this policy change. For example: if you are now offering 24/7 liquor room service at your hotel or resort what has the response been from guests and staff? Has the change in liquor room service hours been positive for your establishment? 

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Thank you for completing our survey! 

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this issue, please contact our Executive Director, Jeff Guignard immediately ( or 604-688-5560).