Automatic Tunnel Wash / Express Detail (no appt) Services Survey
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Which Classy Chassis Full-Service Car Wash location did you visit?
Lakewood - 7701 Custer Road W (1 block East of Bridgeport)
Puyallup - 105 7th Avenue W. (On Meridian, by the Fairgrounds)

What was the date and approximate time of your visit?


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Which of our Express (no appointment) services did you purchase? Select ALL that apply.
Automatic Tunnel Car Wash
Hand Towel Dry, Wheel & Tire Touch-up
Vacuum, Wipe Dash, Windows
Shampoo carpet, mats or seats
How frequently do you visit this location?
Every week
Every 2 - 3 weeks
Once a month
Every 2 - 3 months
Every 4 - 6 months
Once or twice a year
This was my first time at this location
How would you rate the customer service you received?
5 Stars - Great! The staff was very helpful and/or friendly!
4 Stars - Good, the staff interacted with me as expected
3 Starts - Just OK
2 Stars - Poor; the staff was not very friendly and/or helpful
1 Star - Unacceptable