Congratulations on taking time for what's important - LOVING yourself.
Receive confidential support, encouragement and PRIZES for taking actions that will drastically improve your life.

First, you will submit 3 quantifiable actions that you are willing to commit to in this game. Refer to examples on the next page to see what other participants have submitted. Second, you will be asked 3 questions about each of your proposed actions. Third, you will answer 2 questions regarding your preferences.

Please answer the questions as best you can.  You will have a chance to receive feedback and edit your responses prior to the start of the game.

NOTE: There will be no losers in this game - only winners.  Any activity that you take on your 3 actions creates chances for you to win. The objective of this game is to focus on the 3 actions that will assist you in improving your life.  We do not believe in putting attention on what you didn't do.  Our focus is only on what you do... toward improving your life.
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