CEO Coaching for Time & Money - Spring 2017
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Thank you for your interest. Partial and full scholarships provided by corporate, education and government sponsors. Cost listed is the reduced price for Maryland connected firms. (If you are not a Maryland firm, complete application and you will be contacted to determine eligibility based on your connection to Maryland.) 


Please complete the application below.  We may collect additional information for the selection committee to determine if this program meets your needs as well as to better assist you during the program. The number of scholarships are limited.


Our certified business coaches will be working in each program with a small select number of non direct competing business owners who are poised to "Increase Profits 61% in 12 months & Build Equity of $10 Million+ in 5 years." Learn SBDC's Strategic Growth System to "Earn More. Work Less!" You will gain insights on your current challenges through professionally facilitated, open strategic discussions.   Everyone participates. Everyone learns. Each CEO receives support, feedback, strategies, perspective, and accountability with the clear goal to "build a profitable business that works without the owner, so you can SELL IT." 


SELECT BELOW THE PROGRAM THAT MATCHES YOUR CURRENT REVENUE AND THEN DATE/LOCATION. For questions, please contact Russell C. Teter III (Certified Coach) at or 240-463-8686.

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CEO Accelerator

Create Systemized Plan to Earn More (Part 1) & 
Build Effective Processes to Work Less & Build Equity to Sell  (Part 2) 
36 Total Hours Designed for Owners with Revenue Above $500k
Reduced to $475 for Maryland Firms
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12 Friday Mornings (9:00am-12:00pm): March 17 - June 16 (No Sessions 4/7 & 5/26) at Merrill Lynch Building, Columbia

Growth Accelerator

Part 1 of CEO Accelerator: Create Systemized Plan to Earn More
with Introduction to Part 2: Build Effective Processes to Work Less
18 Total Hours Designed for Owners with Revenue Below $500k
Reduced to $250 for Maryland Firms  

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6 Thursday Mornings (9am-12pm): March 16 - April 27 (No Session 4/6) at Bowie City Hall, Bowie
6 Friday Mornings (9:00am-12:00pm): March 17 - April 28 (No Sessions 4/7) at Merrill Lynch Building, Columbia
2 Full Saturdays (8:30am-5:30pm): April 29 & May 6 at College of Southern Maryland, LaPlata

Launch Accelerator

Develop Strategically a Profitable Business that Can Work Without the Owner 
18 Total Hours Designed for Pre & Early Business Owners
Reduced to $250 for Maryland Residents 

2 Full Saturdays (8:30am-5:30pm): April 29 & May 6 at College of Southern Maryland, LaPlata
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Funding by corporate sponsors, academic partners, State of Maryland and U.S. Small Business Administration makes it possible for the SBDC to offer its high-level, executive coaching at a fraction of the cost. Do you agree to pay the listed fee upon acceptance into the program?  

Seeking Full Scholarship to CEO Accelerator as a State Highway Administration's Business Development Accelerator Program
Seeking Full Scholarship to Growth Accelerator as an Ellicott City Flood Victim
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This program is exclusively for the majority business owner. Are you the business owner? If not, please list your job title:

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