Summer Camp Readiness
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How old is your child/children?

Under 7
14 or Older
Required 2.
Has your child spent time away from her immediate family before? 
Yes, slumber parties, school trips or visiting close relatives.
Just the occasional slumber party.
Yes, but my child was not successful staying over all night.
Required 3.
How easily does your child make friends with other kids? 
He makes friends very easily.
He's a bit stand-off-ish at first, but warms up reasonably soon.
He's quite uncomfortable with kids he doesn't know.
Has your child participated in group activities like day camp programs, team sports, or youth organizations?  
Yes, quite a lot.
Yes, but just a bit.
No, not yet.
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Do you feel your child must attend camp with at least one friend he already knows (and likes)? 
Not sure
Required 6.

Is your child comfortable telling adults about her needs? 

She's able to tell adults about her needs easily.
She might be a little shy at first, but she'd soon find someone she trusts.
She's often nervous about telling teachers or other adults that she needs help.
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Required 7.
What are your child's eating habits like? 
She'll eat practically anything.
If she doesn't like the main dish, she'll gladly fill up on whatever else is offered.
There are only a few things she'll eat.
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Required 8.
How independent and responsible is your child? 
He manages many aspects of his own life quite well.
He manages himself pretty well sometimes, but needs reminders.
He won't brush his teeth, change his clothes, or wash unless I hound him.
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Required 9.
Does your child want to go to camp? 
Yes, but I'm concerned.
I can't tell.
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Do you have any other questions you would like to discuss about your specific needs?  Your responses will be kept confidential.

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In order for me to best help you determine your child's readiness for a summer experience, a private consultation is necessary.  Please enter the information below and I will get back to you shortly.

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