Ward 23 - Revenue Tools Survey
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The City of Toronto is considering a range of new revenue sources to address significant capital priorities including public transit, transportation infrastructure and affordable housing.  John is currently working through some of the proposals under discussion and would be glad to hear from local residents.  

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When considering major City projects such as roads, public transit and affordable housing, I believe:

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The City needs to increase its revenue to fund major project priorities
The City needs to rely less on property taxes to fund major projects
The City must dedicate any NEW sources of revenue directly to major projects and not consider it "general revenue"
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Of the various "revenue tools" that are under consideration, the City should focus on:

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Dedicated property tax levies for major projects
Road tolls on the DVP or Gardiner
Re-introduction of a vehicle registration tax
Additional taxes on billbards
Municipal hotel room tax
Municipal alcohol and/or tobacco tax
Municipal gas tax
Municipal sales tax (ie. 1% increase to HST)
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