What's included in our service?

We will:

Remove fish and hold in a temporary tank with net cover and aeration

Drain water to an area you designate

Manually remove large debris, rinse & pump out dirty water and small debris

Trim dead foliage off plants

Clean pump intake(s)

Clean skimmer(s) and biofilter(s)

Conceal liner with existing gravel (if applicable)

Replace bulbs in underwater light fixtures (as needed)

Replace UV bulbs (as needed)

Replace worn polyester filter media (if necessary)

Place your garden hose in pond to begin refilling

Add Total Control Water Conditioner for ponds with fish

Deliver maintenance supplies if requested

What does it cost?

For up to 500 square feet of total pond, waterfall, and stream area:  $749.00 plus supplies and sales tax.

Please add $1.55 per square foot for area exceeding 500 square feet. 

Additional charges may apply for jobs outside our standard work area.

Please note our total service area is limited to the Greater Puget Sound area.  

Please continue to schedule your cleaning service!