Virginia Teacher-In-Action Proposal
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VASCD's Teacher-In-Action Grant is designed to help bring ideas born at our conference into practice in classrooms and schools in the Commonwealth. Proposals must be submitted online by January 30, 2017. A review process will take place in February, and awards will be announced during the first week of March. Questions should be addressed to
Laurie McCullough (Executive Director) at or to
Robin Hoffman (TIA Chair) at
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Identify the Challenge: Describe the learning environment of your classroom and the challenge you plan to address.  What question will you pursue and why will it matter to students?



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Action Plan Part 1:  What action steps will you take to pursue the answers to your question?


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Action Plan Part  2: How does research support these action steps?


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Action Plan Part 3How will data be collected and analyzed?


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Envision Success: How will the proposed actions contribute to student growth and achievement?  Consider how the analysis of data will determine the impact.


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Funding Request: Submit a budget summary that supports the implementation of your plan. We expect awards to be in the $500 range, but we have a bit of flexibility. Please create a budget that is conservative but meets the needs of your project.

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Be a Teacher LeaderHow might you plan to communicate your findings to peers across the state so that others may benefit from your learning?  Options to consider may be a VASCD guest blog, a VASCD journal article, a VASCD conference presentation, or a podcast.



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We thank you for submitting your TIA proposal and assure you it will receive careful consideration. Please be aware that during the review process, we may contact you with questions or a request for further information.