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Your Participation Matters!

The Florida League of Cities is asking city officials to select up to three issues that they would be willing to assist the FLC Advocacy Team with during the 2017 legislative session.

You are the key to the League's advocacy success. You can tell the story of how decisions in Tallahassee truly impact your citizens back home.

Signing up for an issue means you will be able to assist the FLC with one or more of the following:

» Responding to FLC Legislative Alerts and contacting legislators on the issue;
» Providing data to FLC staff and legislators explaining how the issue affects your city and citizens; and
» Being available to provide legislative testimony on the issue, if needed.

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Public Records Reform
Vacation/Short-Term Rentals
Impact Fees
Community Redevelopment Agencies
Communications Services Tax/Local Business Tax
Municipal Surtax Levy
Transportation Network Companies
Drone Regulation
Water Quality
Water Supply
Renewable Energy
Flood Hazard Mitigation
Property Tax & Special Assessments
Municipal Elections
Workers' Compensation
Cancer Disability Presumption
Medical Marijuana Implementation
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