Classic Coffee Drive-Thru Espresso Survey
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After you complete the survey, the page will open to a printable coupon for $1 OFF a Classic Coffee beverage!
Which Classic Coffee stand did you visit?
Lakewood on Custer Rd
Tacoma on Sprague Ave

What was the date and approximate time of your most recent visit to this location?


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How frequently do you visit this location?
Several days of the week
Every 1 - 2 weeks
About once a month
Once or twice a year
This was my first time at this location
Which items did you purchase during your visit? (Check all that apply)
Coffee or Espresso beverage
Fruit Smoothie or Milkshake
Tea or Italian Soda
Beverage with Monster, XS or Rockstar Energy
Treat (cookie, scone, rice crispy treat, etc.)
Food item (Grilled Panini Sandwich, English Muffin, Burrito, etc.)
How would you rate the customer service you received?
5 Stars - Great! The barista was friendly and provided great service!
4 Stars - Good, the barista interacted with me as expected
3 Starts - Just OK
2 Stars - Poor; the barista was not very friendly and/or helpful
1 Star - Unacceptable